Extracurricular Activities

School Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in activities to enrich their academic program.  Offered for this school year are:

  • 8th grade play
  • Altar serving
  • Athletics
  • Letter B
  • Student council
  • National Junior Honor Society.

Special Music Programs and Clubs

  • Chorus – Grades 2-8
  • Band/Orchestra – Half-hour weekly small group lessons on Tuesdays and weekly full band rehearsals for grades 3-8 on Thursday mornings.  Lesson times rotate each week so that academic time does not suffer.  Lessons are provided to students for a fee.
  • Student Council – Elections are held in grades 4-8 each year to select student council representatives.  An opportunity to run for student council secretary begins in grade 6, treasurer in grade 7, and vice president and president in grade 8. The student council leads student sponsored initiatives and events such as spirit day and the annual coin drive.  The student council meets monthly with a teacher advisor and the school principal.
  • Yearbook Club – Grades 7th & 8th Students design the school yearbook with guidance from teacher advisors.
  • Best Buddies
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