Prospective kindergarten students will participate in a screening evaluation given at St. Benedict prior to the school term.  Skills that are observed include auditory, gross motor, language, visual, and fine motor.  The results of these evaluations will assist in determining a child’s kindergarten readiness.

Transfer Students

Students registering into grades 1-8 should provide the following information:

  • Completed application
  • Current report card
  • Current academic, standardized, or psychological testing results
  • Registration fee
  • Birth Certificate
  • School records (a request form is available in the office)
  • Any additional paperwork provided by St. Benedict’s school office

Prospective students and families are required to make an appointment with the principal for a brief interview. Shadowing by the prospective student is encouraged and should be scheduled through the school office.  Families who owe any money to any other school will not be accepted.  Admission acceptance assumes that all students transferring into St. Benedict School are not doing so as a result of expulsion from a previous academic institution.  The academic and spiritual health of each classroom is of primary concern when prospective students are under consideration for admission.  A probationary period of 60 days is applied to all transfer students.  If at any time during the 60 day period the administration decides the school is not a good fit for the probationary student, the school reserves the right to deny admission without further explanation.